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Over the last 10 years Diver's Ink has made stamps for Dive Centres and Dive Clubs, Instructors, Diving Record Holders, RAF, Navy and Army. Here are but a few comments please feel free to send us yours.....


Just to let you know the stamp has arrived today and l absolutely love it!  Thank you very much for the necklace included, it is lovely! Your customer service has been impeccable and l will not hesitate to recommend your products to others. Nadia F, April 2012


Just a short note to let you know that we have today received the stamps and they are awesome. Pamela, Selkies, Malta.


This is to certify that Harvey Page supplied Camel Dive Club & Hotel with self-inking stamps for a period of 5 years during 2002 to 2007. We use the stamps daily for stamping divers log books, as well as on internal documents. We are highly satisfied that the stamps we received are of high quality, reliable, and last a long time. We have no hesitation in recommending Mr Harvey Page as a supplier of these stamps.      

Hesham Gabr, Chairman & Managing Director, Camel Dive Club


 For 5 years Diver's Ink supplied Sinai Divers all their branches with stamps. We are very happy with their stamps, designs, service and happily recommend their stamp company. Rolf, Owner Sinai Divers, Sharm el Sheikh


 "Simply the best designed stamps I have ever used, strong enough to survive life at sea and endure the deserts of Sinai. " Seamus Forde, General Manager, Colona, Divers, Sharm El Sheikh 


'Our company photo stamp prints like a real photograph, we use it on our envelopes and it looks amazing everytime.'

Anne-Charlotte Bergkvist, Owner, ABClogopedtjänst, Stockholm


 I purchased my personalised diving stamp more than 2 years ago and have lost count of the number of times it has been used - the impressions are still as clear now as the day I bought it!  The price was excellent and the service was just superb, I received my stamp within 24hours!!  Highly recommend the company and the product.  Tracey Collar, Dive Master

Diver's Ink Stamps were a bit of a godsend, it enabled me to sign everyone's logbooks and give a bit of a personal touch. Helped make that entry as memorable as the dive itself... well nearly! Mark Jones PADI MSDT 625181 


Working in various busy dive centres around the world I have found that many of the diving guests enjoy collecting the different dive guide stamps in their log books and it saves me a lot of time too.  I got my stamp from Harvey about five years ago and I am still using it now, I love it!   Charlotte Lord , PADI IDCS – 618036


"I bought my first stamp as a diving instructor as a fun and original way of personalising students log books. I was really pleased with the quality of the print, and the ink lasted for several years without needing to be replaced. Since then I have bought several more as presents for friends. The best part is being able to design your own stamp so that no one else will ever have the same design as you!"     

Lauren Irwin OWSI and Underwater Videographer


Thank you so much for my dive stamp. It prints easily, cleanly - never needs to be refilled and just keeps on going. The service that I got was the best, even through to designing and redesigning my stamp until I had the perfect image.

Thank you      

Mike Bothma OWSI 612743



"We use Divers Ink stamps both in Sharm & the UK for our business.
The performance of the stamps is great - probably thousands of prints off them & still going strong with no loss of definition.
The customisation service was no hassle - just supplied the .jpg and the stamp arrived next day!!"

Andy Dawson Business Director Under Pressure.


When I worked as an instructor in Sharm el Sheikh, I got tired of signing every students, and every guests logbook. I found an advert about dive stamps, I called Harvey and ordered a stamp, a few days later I met up with Harvey and got my stamp. It was super quality, and really did make my life easier.The stamps are made quickly, are super quality, and even at a good price, everything an I instructor could ask for.   

Soren Renke OWSI Ocean College



My stamp combined great design with a fantastic price and reliable delivery service,  I use it for every course and my students insist on getting the stamp in their log!   

William Loveday OWSI


Bloody brilliant, great stamp, great price and great service.  

M Street OWSI



I asked Diver's ink for a very detailed stamp and didn’t know whether the finished imprint would work because of the intricate detail. I was amazed to find the stamp with me so quickly and with the design exactly as I thought it should be. Diver's ink then asked me if everything was to my satisfaction 2 days later I was more than happy with the service and the stamp is still going strong 3 years later!
Very impressed by the service and workmanship
Mike Smith, Master Instructor, Sharm El Shiekh.



Harvey is a great stamp maker, he made my stamps originally for my Dive Company, Red Sea Spot which I later changed to Blue Sea Spot. In fact they will be getting the order shortly for my new dive centre in Yap. I would go for Divers Ink everytime, they know stamps. Well done guys.
Dieter Kudler Dive Center Owner, Yap



I first received my stamp over 2 years ago. I probably dive at least 12 times a week, certify approximately 80 to 100 students a year and therefore stamp bucket-loads of logbooks left, right and centre. I even stamp people's arms when I'm standing at the diving counter bored, or in the bar! My stamp is rather special to me and I swear by it. 
All my guests comment on it and there is something to be said for having your own stamp and not just use the diving centres': it is a personal touch and after all you are the one that those people will remember fondly for their experiences.  Cath Bates PADI & TDI Instructor
Thank you so very much for my stamp which is still working perfectly after 
two years and as a dive instructor working in Sharm you will appreciate that it is used daily over and over again.
I would not dream of using any other company as when working you need to use equipment you can trust. Thank you again.Jennie watson 636422

Very good quality. The service around order and delivery very professional, quick and flexible especially with the custom made ones.                           

Tina Groot Jensen MSDT 621492 Sweden


I'm working in the recreational diving industry for 13 years and 3 years ago I had knowledge of the existence of a company that made some custom and standard dive stamps. .After 3 years, and stamping log books almost everyday, my stamp still goes in such a perfect detail, like new...had to refill only once...and  its still going.  

Manuel Leotte - Diving Instructor and Portugese Deep Record Holder


I ordered 2 stamps. As a diving instructor I’m using the stamps all the time. I’m very pleased with the stamps I bought.                    

Anne Lene Viste Træe PADI master instructor


The dive stamp that I bought off you 2 years ago was brilliant, it was for a dive buddy it got quite a few laughs and was passed around. Many thanks. 

Gammon, UK 


We actually purchased three stamps! I saw your advertising leaflet in Sharm
when on a diving holiday and wanted to buy one. My partner looked through
your catalogue and also decided to get one. We were so pleased that we
returned a year later and bought one for our club in Britain . The club uses
it regularly and are very pleased!  

Karen Jukes, South Bristol Divers.


We have been using the services of Diver's Ink since our opening in 1995 at Marina Divers for our Dive Centre and for all my instructors. The Quality of the Art Work, and Stamps are Out Standing, and very fast Service, sometimes same day or next day at the latest.    

Frank Mergl, Manager, Marina Divers


Just wanted to say that your stamps are great, they are long lasting, good quality stamps and the time you deliver them in is great. I wish you all the best with your future stamp plans !

Ahmed Mansour


I thought that my dive stamp was great. The whole idea shows great
initiative and I have never found another decent supplier of dive stamps of this calibre.
What's really great about it is the whole self inking idea which means that
this stamp keeps on going and going and going even after you've stamped it 1000 times .
I have not even had the need to refill. 

Joe Lodge, UK


Well I have to say since buying my stamp from you it has stamped many students and buddies log books alike, I chose the shark image because it was far more detailed than others I have seen. Fast delivery and exactly the wording I wanted on it too. All in all a fantastic stamp, will definitely buy another design from you next time. Thanks. 

Ian Greenfield, PADI Instructor 640507


My dive stamp it was just exactly what I had wanted. I bought a stamp from you and it is fantastic. Easy to use, works on almost any surface, always fresh with ink and virtually indestructable.I have been around the world with it and its still stamping away.

Great service and customer care.

Dave Burstow, UK.


I am an MSDT currently chilling out in New York whilst seeking the next quest in the diving industry. Probably my own resort / centre somewhere in the world. When I get there you will be sending me stamps!!!! 

Chris Davies, PADI MSDT 634099, USA 


Here at Tek Training we use Diver's Ink stamps to verifying students log books. The stamps are extremely durable and give great definition. Our custom made design works great and the finished print is just superb and is still going strong after two years of regular use. We would recommend Diver's Ink to any Diver or Instructor who wants a top of the range log book stamp.

Andy Wilson: OC/CC Trimix Instructor Trainer.


“We were looking for a dive stamp for our dive club and found an efficient and supplier with the flexibility to provide us with exactly what we needed.  They also provided us with a quality product which still works well now, several years later.  I’d recommend Harvey Page and Diver’s Ink for your dive stamp needs!

Laith Arif, Owner,  In the Blue Divers”.


My husband and I both have our instructor stamps from you and have been very pleased with both the design and the quality.  They were also delivered very quickly after we placed the order.

Fran & Roger Perrett, UK 


The downside of being a Dive Pro is the paperwork, so having a decent stampis a must. The investment is worth it. 

Rosemary Lunn, The Underwater Marketing Company, PADI IDCS, BSAC AI.



















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